G.I.Joe Review Podcast
The net's only podcast dedicated to Marvel's G.I.Joe comic book series.

(52:53) Larry Hama is interviewed in this episode! Ghost, Mayor, and Sidewinder also discussing G.I.Joe #21 "Silent Interlude."

G.I. Joe Review Episode 009 Contents:

00:00 Intro
00:42 Welcome
02:08 Response from Last Episode
02:59 Getting in Touch with Us
03:42 Larry Hama Interview
16:35 Recap of Previous Issues
17:50 Issure 21 Review
38:54 Issue 21 Reprints
39:52 Reviewers’ Thoughts
44:07 Other Notable aspects & effects of Issue 21
51:05 Like What You Hear?
51:35 What Did You Think?
51:55 Next Episode Details and Closing Credits

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