G.I.Joe Review Podcast
The net's only podcast dedicated to Marvel's G.I.Joe comic book series.

After what has seemed like a long time away, the guys return for more G.I.Joe reviewing goodness.

(1:53:37) Ghost, Mayor, and Sidewinder review issues 31-33 of the Marvel G.I.Joe comic book series.  They also cover the latest news related to the Real American Hero.

0:00 Announcement from Sidewinder
0:37 Introduction
1:35 25th Anniversary Figure News
16:06 Contact Us
16:46 Movie News
27:00 Issue 31 Review and Comments
50:06 Issue 32 Review and Comments
1:15:23 Issue 33 Review and Comment
1:47:48 Yearbook Number One Synopsis
1:49:59 What Do You Think?
1:50:35 Rate The Issues
1:52:27 Next Episode Preview
1:53:23 Disclaimer

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